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There are times in life where we all feel exposed... vulnerable... and unsure.  Life can seem scary, frustrating, hopeless, and chaotic.  We forget who we are or admit we don't know where we are going.  Life experiences and our mindset can stop us from living.  


My job as a mental health counselor is to serve as a guide during these difficult times.  The support of another could be the key in unlocking a door you once thought was closed forever.  


I hold a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology and I am licensed through the North Carolina Board of Professional Counselors.  I combine my personal interest in art, music, and yoga with counseling interventions to integrate all aspects of human experiences: mind, body, and spirit. I offer counseling services using expressive, cognitive behavioral, multiculturally aware, and skill based interventions to create stability for things we can change and yielding with flexibility to things we can not.


Learn to let go.  Start to live the life you were born to live.   


Individual Counseling & Coaching

Elise uses evidence-based techniques to reduce discomfort in life.  Issues range from mood disorders & anxiety to complications from prior trauma/hurt.

Sessions frequency varies based on need.

Coaching is also provided in the form of "Wellness Coaching" to invest your time wisely.  A personal "reset button" is developed via a written plan to cover multiple areas of wellness.  Weekly meetings with mid-week personalized accountability emails will be provided. There is an option to add phone calls for an additional fee.

Yoga for Mental Health

Private or group sessions using yoga for mental growth.  


Potential techniques used include breath work, asanas or physical postures, meditation, and mindfulness practices.  

Session Length: 45 - 60 minutes, or as requested

Location: Based on client need

Please Note: each session is catered to individual needs, so experience and cost may vary.  Contact below personally to curate your optimal yoga experience.  


Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

9 AM - 4:30 PM

To schedule an appointment leave a message under the contact tab.  Briefly describe your concerns, needs, and desired time for sessions.  You will be notified via email or phone within one week if you have been accepted as a client and will be offered an appointment time for the  initial session.

*Please do not let cost deter you from seeking help.  If possible, arrangements may be discussed based on individual needs. Please note cost concern upon scheduling.*



United Health Care 

Blue Cross Blue Shields

Personal Investment

without insurance

Counseling & Coaching Investment:

Initial Session: $200

Individual Appointments: $175

Yoga for Mental Health Investment:

Contact below for more details. 

Accepted Payment Methods:

Cash, Check, or Major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express)



Get In Touch


To schedule an appointment please leave a message in the contact form below.

Briefly describe your concerns, needs, and desired time for sessions.  You will be notified via email or phone within one week if you have been accepted as a client and you will be offered an appointment time for the initial session. 





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Please email me with suggestions of other great resources. 

Elise N. Davis, MA, LPC